Hi, this is the catch-all satis page.

Here are some informational links.


  1. you're visiting one of the pages with "bad" in their names,
  2. you're visting the SAT domain for this website (listed below),
  3. you're using Firefox 63 (or newer) or Tor Browser 8.5 alpha (or newer), and
  4. you have our extension installed,

then something is wrong: it should have prevented you from getting here and instead given you the proper error message. Otherwise everything is great.

Here are some links. All pages have the same content, but if you have our extension and are visiting the SAT domain, the extension should prevent you from visiting the "bad" pages (on FF 63 or newer or TB 8.5 alpha or newer).

Tor Browser 8.0 stable is capable of everything except the above "bad" link tests.

Other features of this extension include:

We have verified the following self-authenticating traditional (SAT) domain name mappings with the owner(s) of the following domains.